Library Services

Library Services:

1. Searching the library’s information resources:

The library users can search the information resources through the library portal (https://library.lc.ac.ae).

2. Borrowing library materials:

Any Liwa College students, faculty, and staff can borrow library materials as per the below borrowing policy:

S.No. Borrower Category Borrowing Borrowing period
1 Faculty members 5 books One Semester
2 Students 2 books 2 weeks and can renew for one week
3 Staff 2 books 2 weeks and can renew for one week

3. Current Awareness Services:

The library provides Current Awareness Services like new arrivals announcements.

4. Selective Information Dissemination

5. Computer laboratories:

The library provides computer laboratories connected to the Internet to help users (faculty members, students, and Staff) search for information resources available on the college’s intranet and the Internet.

6. Photocopying and printing:

The library provides photocopying and printing services for faculty members, students, and Staff in accordance with the Copyright Policy.

7. Scanner:

The library provides a scanning service for all users.

8. Private study rooms:

The library provides private study rooms for users for group discussions and lectures in the library.

9. Information literacy lectures/ Orientation:

To give the users an overview of the importance of the library and how to use learning resources.