Service Forms

Request A Session

This form is designed for instructors or group of students, requesting information literacy and library instruction for their classes or to support their course works.

Librarians are available to conduct instructional sessions tailored to individual class needs/ coursework need.

To accommodate all requests, please submit this form a minimum of one week prior to the desired date.

Once you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a librarian will contact you to design the session to make appropriate for your needs.


Library Instruction Sessions: Strengthening Information Literacy Skills

Library instruction sessions are meant to strengthen information literacy skills and offer students guided direction and hands-on practice with the Library’s resources and services. Possible content for the session include:


  • To know about the Library Portal/ Deep-knowledge Portal
  • Locating the resources (print and electronic) according to the need
  • Database searching skills and / or advanced searching methods for databases
  • How to access the e-textbooks through itslearning portal
  • How to access and locate the books through OPCA (Online Public Catalogue Access)